Pixel Tree MMD Intern

Multimedia designer education internship project

This was an internship involving two of my friends and me. We have created a small company called Pixel Tree IVS, used it as our internship as the required requirement of our multimedia design education. Half of the time I spent on this project was learning to establish a company, the other half of the time was pure fun and joy. We tried to film a short video for our company, it was fun to film it, but it was not so good when it came online. The design of the website was really exciting. We wanted to create an image to represent ourselves as a serious company, but we just ended up having fun and wanted to show that we were not just another boring web design company. So we took these "crazy" pictures and decided to use them as our profile images. Den udviklingsdelte af dette projekt var ikke meget avanceret, vi var ikke så gode eller havde en masse programmeringserfaring, men vi gjorde det hele tiden, og resultatet er stadig "fint" til at se (ikke meget responsivt, haha). The company was closed a year after we've finished our multimedia design education, and none of us really had time to run it since we had to continue at our bachelor.

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